H. Skjalm P. Sustainability Policy

Date: 25-10-2019

At H. Skjalm P. we understand the importance of being aware of our impact on our environment and society. Our vision, mission and values outlined below reflect this.

Our vision at H. Skjalm P. is to provide a wide range of products with sustainable and innovative designs for quality customers worldwide.

Our mission at H. Skjalm P. is to work with designers and manufacturers whose production is supported by high standards of responsibility, sustainability and quality.

Our values at H. Skjalm P. are responsibility and transparency.

Our culture is to be positive and take a caring approach to each aspect of our work, from collaborating with colleagues to relationships with our suppliers.

The H. Skjalm P. approach is to contribute in a solution oriented and positive way, with the awareness that we are a team and success comes from our collaboration.

At H. Skjalm P. we bring this policy to life by:

  • Monthly companywide meetings (weekly shop and wholesale meetings) which include training on new products and personal development.
  • Sharing our values, vision and mission with our suppliers as soon as we start a relationship with them.
  • Talking about our culture and aspirations in our marketing materials including press interviews.
  • Demonstrating our values at industry events (e.g. tradeshows).
  • Providing training to new team members.

We will review this policy annually and listen to feedback from our colleagues, customers and suppliers to continually improve our approach.