The company H. Skjalm P. started as a retail store in the center of Copenhagen in 1953 by Hagbarth Skjalm Petersen and his wife Lisbeth Westergaard.

Mr. Skjalm Petersen was a personality, who liked to follow his own ideas, and design conscious customer would go to the store to study and to buy some of the latest novelties within textiles, gifts or kitchen utensils. He was often one of the first to introduce new colors, shapes and graphic expressions.

In the beginning of the 80ies, they started to import big quantities of design products from England and this is how the whole sale slowly began. Since then it has grown into a well-reputed design brand with new collections twice a year, represented on fairs nationally as well as internationally.

H. Skjalm P. has its own design team who always keeps the founder´s philosophy in mind; innovative design made from natural materials of high quality with a Scandinavian look.

The company is still owned by mr. Skjalms widow Lisbeth Westergaard